what is a fitbit

What Is A FitBit ?

What is a FitBit?

People looking for weight lose and those looking to create healthy lifestyle.

Have for a long time tried various methods of tracking how their daily activities; work, exercise, eating and other activities input on their weight loss/gain what is a fitbit?

Whats better than a device that is mobile and can be used to measure data. Such as the number of steps walked over a period of time. Quality of sleep, number of steps one climbs over a  period of time. A person’s heart rate and other significant parts of a person’s fitness looked impossible until the revolutionary new technology; Fitbit was introduced.

Fitbit has become a revolution when it was launched for the first time. Fitness enthusiasts could track and measure daily activities. Set fitness goals while on the move.

%health and fitness awareness%a healthy new you

The devices are easy-to-carry, simple to use and stylish look fit bit became an instant hit. It has helped the company become the market leader ahead of older companies like Garmin, Jawbone, Apple and many more.


A series of benefits have been attributed to this most awesome device

Awareness of Fitness levels and goals settings

Perhaps the most important benefit of a Fitbit.

Is that it allows the wearer to be able to measure lifestyle.  Fitness regime choices and see which is working and which is not.

Due to the high spec technology of fit bit it shows such as number of calories eaten,used or left to eat. Number of steps walked, calculation of weight lost, number of active miles. Water consumption levels and so much more. A user can gauge for themselves whenever they have fallen behind and what needs to be adjusted to achieve set goals.

Calorie Reminder on Fitbit


In the case of an obese person looking to lose weight. The calories reminder offered by the device helps this person to be mindful of what is consumed. Which helps to make better choices. For instance, a calorie intake of 1500cl daily is regarded as maximum for a woman looking to lose at least 1 pound a week.

What is a fitbit armed with this knowledge, the Fitbit lets the user know if this goal has been met or exceeded and the appropriate measures are then taken.For instance for someone who sits behind a desk for 9 hours a day, using a fitbit tracker serves as a reminder that the person should take a few minutes at regular intervals to stand up, take walks. Climb stairs or do some other activity that aid blood circulation and helps loosen up limbs and joints that may otherwise become stiff and cause pain due to a lack of regular usage.


Encouragement of Good Sleep patterns                      

%health and fitness awareness%a healthy new youA very impressive benefit of the device is that it can help you sleep better at night.Thanks to its continuous tracking mechanism, a Fitbit can track the quality of your sleep. Therefore it Informs you whether your sleep patterns are consistently light, deep or REM (Rapid Eye Movement).

As a result this data can be of immense benefit to people who struggle to sleep. This helps sufferers this allows them to track which of their activities lead to being unable to sleep and what could be done to fix this.

This device also monitors your sleep patterns and based on its readings after a period of 7 days.

A silent alarm

is set and goes off at a time which has been revealed by the data to be your optimum time of awakening. This alarm saves the user, the stress of using traditionally noisy alarm clocks which shock people into waking up and have been shown to cause disorientation and affect sleep cycles.


Armed with the data provided, a Fitbit user can form good sleep patterns which ensure that user gets the required hours of sleep and wakes up well rested and geared up to start each new day. For example, if a user whose sleep pattern has already been configured chooses to spend time past the recommended bedtime on activities like watching television. Playing video games or some other activity. An alarm goes off repeatedly to remind the user of the need to go to bed at the appropriate time.


Fitbit Encourages competition 

“Human beings are very competitive by nature” and “iron sharpeneth iron” are two old but true clichés that can be used to describe. Fitbit’s friendly competition benefit.

%health and fitness awareness%a healthy new you

Possession of the wristband helps friends and even casual acquaintances set up competition. This helps keep them in shape and on point for achieving set goals. Due to the security features of the device, it is impossible to manipulate the data which the device provides to fit a certain agenda.

What this means is that for friends who have set a goal of say losing 10 pounds in 7 weeks, they can rest assured that whatever data is revealed at the end of the competition is accurate and reliable. This helps sharpen the competitive edge of the participants as they know they have to put in the work needed to win the competition as cheating and gamesmanship becomes a non-starter.

There is a tone of other benefits offered by Fitbit usage:

The monitoring of calories helps you with useful information on which foods to take or reduce to either increase calorie intake for example people recovering from illnesses and subsequent weight loss or which foods to reduce (obese people looking to shed weight).


Its many features ensure that the Fitbit is a one stop shop. It helps the need for having multiple devices or having different applications that provide different services. (pedometers for measuring steps taken, heart rate monitors, calorie planning apps and the likes). Most Fitbit products like Fitbit Tracker, Fitbit Ultra, Fitbit One. Fitbit Surge and others provide multiple services saving cost, time and energy for the Fitbit user.


What Does The Future Hold

Whatever it is that is the fitness goals, sleep targets, weight loss or weight gain aims. It is certain that there is a Fit bit device which will offer the data and functions needed. To achieve these objectives.

With its very stylish look; color, size, sleekness and its untold features and functions. A Fitbit serves as the ultimate instrument of encouraging and helping people to make healthier lifestyle choices.

With this advanced technology come various health challenges that border on lifestyle. However, Fitbit is a genius invention that seeks to counter any possible effects caused to humans by the very technology. We can only say the future is brighter with Fitbit 

So for those of you which questioned what is a fitbit?  I really hope you are now aware of what this latest technology is and what its capable of doing.

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14 thoughts on “What Is A FitBit ?”

  1. My husband bought me a fitbit a few months back and I must admit, I haven’t used it much at all. I forget to charge it up and forget to put it on.
    After reading your post I will be going back to it and making it one of my ‘paradigms’.
    Being one of those people who doesn’t look at the instructions, your post has given me an insight to exactly what this little watch can do.
    I suppose because of my age, I thought that perhaps I was too old to use such a device but I think it will encourage me to move about more and help keep me fit in my autumn years.

    1. Hi ya thank you for your comments I would like to say you are never to old to for this fitbit. I suggest you charge it up and start making good use of this excellent little device.

  2. I gotta admit i’ve been wanting to try a fit bit for awhile now but honestly didn’t know much about it and i thought it could cost me a lot of money for something i never would use but after reading the review, I feel motivated to go out and buy one mainly for the purpose of tracking my distance traveled. Your information is so clear and motivational i love it. great page and info. looking forward to getting a fit bit thanks to your information.

  3. Antonis Christonasis

    Hi dear Sam!

    I’m in an urgent need of something to help me with my sleep and you mentioned that Fitbit can help someone maintain a good sleeping pattern. I truly believe that good sleep plays a huge role when you want to lose weight! I’m surely going to check it out after your review and see if it can help. Thank you! Very good post!

  4. I love your article. I have always wanted to own a fitbit to help keep track of my weight lose program although I didn’t know it could perform all this functions. I will really love to purchase this product especially after reading this article and knowing all the benefits it offers. Thanks so much for sharing this.

  5. All very good tips and advice for weight loss. I have incorporated a lot of these tips already into my lifestyle and I honestly say that they work. Getting enough sleep at the right time an effect because I used to eat the most at night when I feel really tired I often go to sleep instead. Great article and I agree with your advice

  6. I have heard of fitbits for a long time. I just didn’t pay too much attention to it because almost none of my friends actually have it. However, it seems to have a lot of functions to it. The function that’s especially useful is keeping track of your sleep and walking patterns. These are fairly important for those who have a tight schedule and want to make sure they got enough exercise during the day. The silent alarm is also very helpful because loud alarms causes my heart to race. I don’t like that because it makes me feel like I have a heart attack. Does Fitbit also have GPS functions? What I mean is that does it track what location you went to during jogging?

  7. What a very interesting device. I’m impressed that this device will wake you up at the time that is your own optimum time of awakening. I sometimes have nights when I can’t sleep so the fact that it tracks your quality of sleep will be helpful. Not the mention the other amazing benefits of keeping count of the calorie intake. It is a little jazzy as well. I would definitely try this. Thanks for sharing this amazing product.

  8. What a very interesting device. I’m impressed that this device will wake you up at the time that is your own optimum time of awakening. I sometimes have nights when I can’t sleep so the fact that it tracks your quality of sleep will be helpful. Not the mention the other amazing benefits of keeping count of the calorie intake. It is a little jazzy as well. I would definitely try this. Thanks for sharing this amazing product.

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